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Bent Axle, must I replace?
OK, so here's my issue, the axle on my front wheel is bent. Actually, the axle seems fine, but the bolt portions with the screw threads are bent. See the picture for a better idea. The axle itself seems to still be straight. The wheel turns fine. I imagine this will someday need to be replaced, but am I OK for now? if it does need replacing, what all would that take? A whole new hub?

I think you're ok for now, just keep an eye on it and replace it at some point...

Replace just the axle? Or would I have to replace the whole hub?

Just the axle... but once you have the hub apart, check the bearing races for damage. If they're pitted then it'll be better to replace the hub (or wheel if it's cheaper).

I took off my rear tire (to try a freewheel tool I ordered - it didn't work Sad ) and found that the axle was bent on mine. To kind of continue this thread, where would I find an axle replacement? Would it be advisable to try and straighten the axle in a vise, or would that cause problems?

Why is it that they make adult bikes that'll generally work for 5'9" or above, yet when you pedal these same bikes they only work for someone who is 5'4" or so?
Your local bike shop should have a replacement axle for you (or they can order one). If it's a steel axle, you can try straightening it in a vise (be careful, just bend a tiny bit at a time, and use soft jaws with a rag or something similar to protect the threads).


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