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Frame labels on Peugeot
As I start taking measurements of (What I believe is a Peugeot U09 from 1980) for the upcoming "thrift shop fork",
I came across something that I may have posted before, but thought, what the heck,  see if any information on this has changed.....

Believe it or not, the original Paper Tag on the bottom of the frame by the crank, is still there and legible!!!

On the Paper tag is the following:     5286275 038157

It also has a number stamped of the flange for the rear axle.

On the metal frame is stamped:  B0018618

The bike is labeled "Made in France"   So I don't think it is a Canadian model.

In the past, doing a Google search on Peugeot frame #'s, I found information on how to decode frames when there are letters within the frame stamping or paper tags....  "B" is not listed, nor are numbers only lists....

So I'm posting again, in the chance that some new information has turned up...

P.S. Normandy Hubs have 1979 and 1980 date codes, Weinmann brakes have 9-79 & N-79 date codes.
No date codes on cotter-less crank, nor Simplex parts..  Steel rims were replaced in 1990.

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