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First time changing shifter pods, any tips?
Hey all, I'm swapping out my circa 1999 Shimano 9 speed XT rapid fire plus shifters for 2010 Shimano 9 speed XTR rapid fires. My entire drivetrain and v-brake set up is already XTR and the XT shifters have had a great run, but they have been "missing" regularly now and they have come to the end of their run. This is my first attempt at putting on new shifter pods. i have really nice Gore Ride On cables already installed on my bike and would like to keep those as they are and in place. Is this possible? (not that the XTR cables are terrible, but the Gore's are sealed and feel like butter no matter the conditions). Also, how difficult of a job is this? I'm pretty competent mechanically, I have all the tools needed, I just need to dive in once the shifters arrive. (By the 21st or 22nd I'm hoping). Any tips by those that have done this would be appreciated. Any Do's or Do Not's will help. Thanks.
Ok, so what I've gathered from Alex's video's and other web searching, it seems fairly simple; 1) Shift to smallest gear to release tension in the cable, 2) Undo derailleur cable bolt 3) snip cable just before the area that was pinched in the bolt 4) pull cable thru and push out (hopefully its that easy on these shifters) of shifter pod. 5) remove bar end, grip and slide off old shifter. 6) reverse process to install new one, looks like I need to install the new cables then. Did I miss anything?
Shouldn't need to fit new cables unless you want to.
Study the cable fitting on the Rapidfires and they may just "un-hook"?
Not sure about yours but line up the slots of the adjuster and lift out cable inner. Then the nipple may also lift out of a slot?

If they don't - just release the inners at the derailleurs and pull through. Unslot from shifters and then replace when shifters have been changed.
Be careful not unravel the inner cable ends.
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Ok thanks. I can't tell yet if u can just un hook them. I'm hoping they do. I'm not sure if I could just disconnect them and pull them through though, because I would think the crimped on cable end or the flattened out part of the cable from where it was pinched at the derailleur bolt may be too wide to fit past the ferruls and through the cable housing. have u ever pulled them thru successfully? thanks again for the advice.
To uncrimp the cable end just squeeze the crimp to open it up and then pull off with pliers.
Generally the inner will pull through unless it has been really distorted.

Shimano have used a few ways of attaching cables. Some instructions say to remove the inner hole cover which is basically a screw, and then the cable pushes out of the hole.
I think on my older LX that you remove a cover underneath and that gives access to the cable.
Shimano have a technical document section on their website of which this is one:-
If you look closely this shows the inner cover screw.
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Thanks UK. it looks like my XT shifters have that screw that you take out and push the cable out that way. I'm not sure what the XTR's will have. I am going to attempt to take the cable end off as you described & see if I can pull the inner cables through the housings so I can reuse them, but if that doesn't work, at least I tried. I will be sure to take pictures before I begin though so I remember how my stuff was routed. thanks again, I will post here when I complete it.

Hey, any advice on how to loosen up the current grips so they slide off? I was gonna try prying them up and squirting in a mild soap & water solution to lubricate and loosen them up. I don't have an air compressor, but I could try spraying compressed air into them too, like the stuff in cans used for cleaning keyboards. any thoughts?
I usually just used a thin screwdriver poked under the grips. That is if they have an open end.
Push the tip of the driver in and turn as you gingerly push. As you turn the driver it will work it's way round inside the grip.
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