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Rear sprocket
Can anyone tell me how this rear sprocket comes off (photo) ?
Ive just removed another one off another wheel, which you had to slide in the special ribbed tool and crack it loose and it un screws. But this does not take the same tool?
thanks Phil
No it may not as they there were many different types of freehweels. See if there is anything printed on it as that may help us identify it.I am not sure but this may be the tool you need, I would wait for the others to comment before you go buying this.

But definitely try to get the words, letters, or number printed on it ....
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
yes, i found that sight to it does look like the one to me as well.

Yup, it looks like an FR-2 to me as well. To make sure though, the FR-2 outside diameter is 25mm or about one inch in case my metrics are off. Smile

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