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Fixed wheelset pricing
Can I get a decent fixed gear wheelset for $150 or less? I see some on ebay that look really nice. Are they any good?
Just buy this bike.
Never Give Up!!!
(02-03-2011, 09:30 PM)GeorgeET Wrote:  Just buy this bike.

Nice! And a great price! How do you make handlebars like that?
For mine I just reversed the racing bars found my spot and cut them.

Otherwise buy them, lots out there. Make sure to get the right diameter for your steering head.
Never Give Up!!!
I saw those 99 wheel sets online after you mentioned it. They come with tires, tubes, and two cogs so I figured what the hell. I ordered them. They'll be here in a week. I'll let you know how they work.
ok, the wheels have arrived. they look just like in the pictures. They are definitely $99 wheels. They seem so me a bit out of true. Minor blemished from shipping and handling. I just installed them, so I am not sure how they ride. The axle turns kinds of chunky, but I'm sure some miles will smooth that out. I'd say these are worth the money if your putting them on a project bike. They come with both a fixed gear cog&lockring and a freewheel. Those parts could cost you $20-$30 easy. It also comes with rim-strips, tubes and tires. The cheapest I've set that up before was $40 ($15 per tire, $10 for 2 tubes and rim-strips) So I think it really is worth the money only because I did buy a set of wheels cheap off craigslist one time, then had to add all those other parts and it does add up.
this a site for UK made wheels, anyone interested in buying, let me know.
(02-10-2011, 11:00 PM)Jordan300 Wrote:  ......The axle turns kinds of chunky, but I'm sure some miles will smooth that out. .......
I suggest that you re-lube the bearings, sounds like they are cones with separate balls, so all you need is cone wrenches.

If they are sealed bearings, they need to be replaced.

Chunky is not good, and will never properly smooth out.

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