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My Peugeot bicycle
Hallo everyone !

I wonder if someone can help me about serial numbers on my Peugeot frame. What does it mean ?

Thanks in advance !
Oh. Wow. Wow (jaw on floor). Just, wow.
I don't know where you found that piece of art, airmax, but... wow.
I have never seen that Dura Ace rear drlr actually mounted on a frame. Only in captivity at swap meets. This Peugeot is a Time Capsule!
If there is a number like RD-xxxx on the back of Drlr, that will help narrow it down to year.
The DA logo on the RD body was reliefed like that from maybe 1978 to maybe 1984. Either all that I have seen have had the black paint worn off of the lettering or you have a rare, VF condition one. The half-step gearing of the chainrings would point to that era, too.

In the 4th pic - does that shift lever say '105' on it?

This will be a cool thread to follow!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
With out more pics I would peg it at late 70s to 1980 but not much later than that. Nice bike and state of the art for Peugeot at the time for sure
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I can't help you directly; but there are a bunch of people that hang out here:
that can.

You may find the information you are looking for there just by a quick search.
(08-08-2011, 09:14 PM)airmax Wrote:  Hallo everyone !

I wonder if someone can help me about serial numbers on my Peugeot frame. What does it mean ?

Thanks in advance !
They Mean your bicycle is very cool
Thank You all ,
I hope that You can help me to find out which model of Peugeot I have.You know , I drive it for last 15 years and I never ask myself which model is it. There are some more pictures .

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