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Adjusting front shocks
Hi, I got a shimano aluminum mountain bike and am trying to adjust the front shocks. I don't know the year or anything, on the side of the shocks it says "Manitou cartridge answer etc"
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Your 'Fork' (not shock) was made by Answer Products that calls thier bicycle suspension products Manitou. The fork should have a model name on it also (Mach 5, SX, SX Ti, Mars, Dorado, etc). We need that info. They've had many models over the years.
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All it says on them is "Manitou cartridge answer efc"
Here is a picture if it helps...
The quieter you become the more you are able to hear

Perhaps you might find the right manual there, but the EFC model does not seem to be specifically referenced in the support section.

There's what you are looking for!!!

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