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My First Bike Since I was a youngin (OLD Peugeot)
So my roommate had an 80s Peugeot and he loved it. Living in Portland now, a bike is just about necessary. I found a really old Peugeot, that I think was made in 76. Frame says made in France, parts of the bike say Normandy or Germany on it. Frame is still good, has lil rust. Looks great. Needed a small bike since I am short 5'7. But feels great to ride, had new cables and housing done to it. Thinking new tires. What ya think?
Very nice! Peugeot made some very nice bikes back in the days. I like the old bikes and have been trying to find one at a reasonable price for my grandson so I can get him into cycling.
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Nice Bike. I like the downtube shifters. Make sure to clean and grease all the bearings, wheels, crank, head.

Cannot see the rear derailer. I had one like that in the 80's (mans) and it had a black plastic Simplex dereiler that was no good.
Never Give Up!!!

Great start !!!

If you can afford it; replace the brakes with Tektro R556 or R559, if your budget it tight, replace the front one first. You will be amazed with the difference.

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