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New chains wearing out quickly?
Hey guys,
I replaced the chain on my wifes road bike about 800 miles ago and I just happened to check it today and it is already at the .75 wear indicator on my chain checker tool. I have kept it lubed(dry formula lube) just about every time we did a century or other ride, but can't figure why they are wearing out so fast. Can't you normally get at least a couple thousand if you maintain them right??
Seems like I read somewhere that if the cassette gears are worn considerably(does not skip a link in any gear) that the chain will wear out quickly. Is this true or am I just crazy?
Anyways, what do you guys think is the problem??.. or is there one??
A chain will wear out more quickly on a worn cassette cog, but the other factor is that chain wear gauges are generally inaccurate, and specifically indicate wear too quickly. In fact they do not actually measure the most common wear on a chain. Use a ruler instead - almost as fast and much more accurate ( - scroll down to "Measuring Chain Wear")

If you're interested in details about measuring chain wear:
Excellent !!.... Thanks cny-man !!!!

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