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Shimano Nexus 7 gear Internal Hub

I'm having some problems with my shimano gear. Link to the producer: . I didn't know where to post this thread but here. The gear tries to shift out of the gear all the time. I have tried to readjust the gear with the screw on the handlebar but with no result. It just keeps on doing it. I guess the problem has to do with the gear itself but I don't know much about it. Its a mystery to me that its not enough just to tune the gear. Does anyone have a solution for me?

Thank you
There should be a very specific reference point to adjust the cable to. You need to follow the instructions carefully. Just twiddling the cable adjuster is unlikely to get it in the right spot. But if you've done that, the next thing to check is the cable. Look for any kinks or cracks in the housing, make sure nothing is interfering with it sliding smoothly, etc.

But if all the external stuff is fine, then it could be a problem in the hub. This is pretty rare as these hubs tend to be very durable, but it is possible. But you can't really work on these hubs yourself, they are very complex inside. First question is if it might still be under warranty. But you'll probably need help from a shop regardless if it is a hub issue.
It would help to know your riding conditions. If you're using this bike for commuting, or mountain biking, or road riding.

The Alfine hub was to replace the Nexus since it had too many problems on anything softer than pavement.

So if you're using it for anything other than gentle riding, the internals might be gunked up, (Hey, its a technical term!Big Grin) and it MIGHT need to be rebuilt.

Of course, Dave may be right, and it may need some simple tuning per the manufacturers specs. I guess it all depends on whether this has been happening all along, and you're just getting sick of it now, or it's just started.

Hell, it could be a manufacturer's defect for all we know.
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