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I need help re-attaching my front brake!
Hi everyone!

So I just bought a bike today and in order to fit it in my car I had to take the front wheel off. I can get the wheel back on but I can't seem to re-attach the front breaks! I'm sure it's incredibly easy but I just don't seem to have the magic touch. I've attached a picture of how they are now.

Any help would be appreciated! I've googled the heck out of this but haven't found anything that helps.
You'll have to pull the bottom end of the curved part so it fits in the slotted hole (in the silver part on top of your left brake arm. Here's a video about adjusting v-brakes that demonstrates this:

Hope that helps!
I edited your photo to show where it goes...
Should end looking like this:-
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i am having the same issue! i just bought my bike today and had to remove the front wheel. however, i try to squeeze the brakes together so that i can reattach and i can't seem to squeeze tight enough. i can't get it back together. what am i doing wrong? help!!!!
Check that the cable housing is seated properly in the brake lever on the handlebars.
You shouldn't have to but slacken the cable adjuster to give a bit of extra length.
If it came off and you have made no changes then it should go back on ???
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