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700c rim with hop(flat spot). Can it be fixed?
Hey Guys,
I have an original set of 700c Araya rims that are still going strong on my old Trek roadie. The front is in great shape, but the rear has a little hop(flat spot) in the rim. I was going to replace a couple stripped spoke nipples and figured I'd ask you guys if the hop could be removed, somehow?
It's not too bad, but at low speeds it is more noticeable, than at high speeds.
Thanks !!!
Probably not repairable.
It may be doable, but it's not possible for us to determine from here if your particular flat spot can be removed to your satisfaction. It depends on the flat spot, the skill of the person removing it, and the standards of the owner as to what is acceptable. In the shop we always had an AGAP disclaimer on flat spot repairs (As Good As Possible). Google "rim flat spot" for plenty of info.

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